Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More AE Template Stuff

Recently my time has been taken up mostly by figuring out AE Templates in Maya.

In my first post I talked about simply re-arranging information so it's a little more intuitive for the end user. Currently I'm trying to build a file browser, identical to the browser section found in the "File" and "PSDFile" Hypershade nodes. Scripting this is a LOT more involved.

Currently I'm getting frustrated with trying to keep the file location textfield in sync with the location attribute, and calling the file-load function when a file is selected. I'm sure there is a "proper" way of doing it but I'm wasting so much time with this stuff that I'm probably going to find some hacky, inelegant solution so I can get back to the fun mathsy bits.

On Friday I met a professor at my university who researched the Fourier transform for his PhD. It was reassuring to be shown that what I'm trying to accomplish in Maya is very much possible. As well as showing me first-hand how the FFT works, he explained filter-banks should I go that route. I still haven't been able to get much of a maths perspective on the algorithm, but my practical knowledge of it has improved.

Other than that, I've been working on this:
Maybe half finished?

I'm also meant to be doing asset work for some guy in the US Navy who is making a map for Obsidian Conflict, a HL2 modification. Buuut I've been kinda busy.

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